Vivid-Pix Deal

Vivid-Pix Package

Vivid-Pix Deal
Love taking pictures?!

VIvid-Pix is making taking pictures a breeze, no matter how much experience you have. Whether you like to take pictures on the water or in the water, these easy-to-use softwares can restore the color, the sharpness, and the memories of your experience. Also, including their restore software, you can now take old photos and bring them back to life!

  • Patented technology adjusts for depth underwater and distance to subject
  • Easy-to-use software to improve all of your images
  • Works with both Mac OS X 10.6 (or later) or Windows XP (or later).
  • Easy and simple tutorials for each software
  • Developed for people with photos that need improvement - but don't want to spend a lot of time fixing
  • Fast 1-Click adjustment automatically improves and corrects most pictures

Deal Pack includes: A version of the SCUBA version, Land & Sea Version, and Restore Version by Vivid-Pix Retail Value: $150+
Vivid Pix has already selected a first round of participants and is not accepting applications at this time