TryaDeal Opportunities
With TryaDeal, try out great products from our partner brands at no cost. TryaDeal is a brand-new platform we have established to provide additional sampling opportunities.

✨ It's simple. Browse the current deal listings and apply to sample the products you are interested in. If you are selected, we will notify you. Your sample will either be mailed out or you can pickup from a local store. After trying it out, share your feedback on social media, submit a review, and complete a brief survey...then you are done!

The following list shows the current TryaDeal opportunities available:
<small><b>Lattini TryaDeal</b></small>

Lattini TryaDeal

<small><b>Happy Wolf TryaDeal</b></small>

Happy Wolf TryaDeal

<small><b>HiBAR TryaDeal</b></small>

HiBAR TryaDeal

<small><b>Every Body Eat® TryaDeal</b></small>

Every Body Eat® TryaDeal