About Us

We’re thrilled you found us…Now let’s party! 🙂

Tryazon is a service which helps bring innovative brands and their products into your home to experience first-hand.  What better way is there to learn about a product than to touch, see, hear, smell, and taste it?  No…seeing a video or picture on the screen is not the same!  When friends are involved in this process trying out, the fun multiplies, providing exciting events all across America.  The party packs provided by our brands include samples, exclusive offers, and often freebies for your guests.  We only select the very best products, often things that are new and exciting, giving you something to talk about!

We have teamed with great brands like Barilla, Disney, Wilton, Sterno, and Brownie Brittle to offer these exclusive Featured Parties. Our goal is to provide wholesome, enjoyable entertainment that gives everyone an opportunity to learn about excellent products in the marketplace.  We are a company that actually listens to our participants and strives to treat others the way we would like to be treated.

There are a lot of fun items we are offering and much more to come. We hope you’ll sign-up today and give Tryazon a try!