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Showcase a variety of hot new products

You've no doubt browsed around on social media and blogs, seeing neat products that you thought would be fun to try. With Tryazon, not only can you try them, but turn it into an enjoyable social event by sharing the items with those around you. Showcase impressive products that get people talking!

Try Out and Keep Great Products

You can keep the items that you showcase! For Featured Parties, our brand sponsors provide their products and goodies at no charge. Many party packs have additional favors and samples for you guests. There are great coupons and specials for everyone to take advantage of also.

Top-Notch Resources to Help

At Tryazon, our team of home party specialists provides you with helpful guides and resources to make your party experience a success. Whether you are a rookie when it comes to hosting or a Pampered Chef veteran, we've got what you need to help!

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