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What criteria do you use to select which members get to participate in a particular opportunity?
With each Party or TryaBox opportunity we carefully evaluate answers provided on party applications. Each brand sponsor is looking for different characteristics. Sometimes selections are based on the brand's demographic preferences, like geographic location, age, number of children between a certain age range, etc.

We also look at social accounts and who is actively sharing about party opportunities applied for. We want to see those who are genuinely sharing from their primary social media accounts. If you have done a great job fulfillng all of your commitments to a previously held Tryazon opportunity, you are very likely to be chosen again!
How do I login and update my information?
At this time, there is no login feature on Tryazon. If your address, email, or other information has changed, just send us an email or complete our Address Update form and we will update our records.
When will I know whether I was selected to host an opportunity I applied for?
Each Party or TryaBox has a timeline on its page that shows when applicants will be notified if they are selected.
I am from outside of the US. Can I still partcipate?
Unfortunately, only those within the US are able to participate in the various Tryazon opportunities.
I have a great idea for a party....what is the best way to send this to you?
Great! We love suggestions. Just send us a note on our Contact Form