Squaregles Building Party

Squaregles Building Party
― November 18-19, 2022 ―

Build outside the box with Squaregles! What makes Squaregles so unique from other toys? Squaregles have more ways to play with characters, comics for adventures, paperboard for doodling, tracks and cars for action. Their pieces are large and have strong magnets to build interactive structures you can play with once they are built! There are endless possibilities with every set!

All Squaregles sets are compatible with each other and will inspire new ideas and creativity with each expansion set! Artists and storytellers can draw their own features on panels that pop in and out of magnetic frames. Build, play, re-design and repeat. Add in Ogg characters and cars for action-packed adventures and imaginative stories. Kids will get lost in play while learning through engaging Squaregles!

Tryazon will select 100 hosts for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of Squaregles sets to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the toys and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack with a combined value of $360+, containing the following items:

Starter Set
Building possibilities are endless with the Starter Set! This 105 piece set includes all the magnetic frames and 3D panels needed for kids to create different structures and stories every time they play.

Warmup Set
Build countless creations with the Warmup Set! With 54 pieces, the Warmup Set comes with magnetic frames and 3D panels to stretch your Squaregles muscles and create unique structures and stories with every build.

Drop 'N Jump Racetracks
Level up with Drop 'n Jump Racetracks! Send Oggs racing down a 360-degree spiral drop. Launch them into the air (or at each other!). Or add crazy building details like a rooftop ramp!

Oggs Castle
Expand your Squaregles world with Oggs Castle! Adventure across the drawbridge to discover what secrets await in the castle top. Or keep watch from the balcony and let down Oggs hair... er... head.

More Paperboard
More paperboard means more doodles, more scenery and extra chances for those times when you just need a re-do. Keep the creativity going with More Paperboard! 50 paperboard panels for 100 new drawings (front and back), then pop into (and out of) magnetic square frames. Draw your masterpieces with crayons, markers, colored pencils and more!

Erggs Character Pack
Ready to add some drama to your Squaregles builds? Well… here come the Erggs! They aren't entirely bad, they’re just a bit misunderstood. But wow... do Erggs love creating a mess. And they love teasing the Oggs! Check out Erggs swappable heads, magical totems and awesome cars.
Oggs Character Pack
Need more of the squad to help test out your Squaregles builds? The entire Oggs crew is eager to help! Your favorite building buddies Bax & Wren are back with some cool new Totems and (drum roll!) two friends: Go & Flare. Take the new turtle disc for a spin. Add another Oggs car to your collection. Have you uncovered which power the bunny slippers unlock?!

Joe and Noah, Squaregles co-founders, met at a playdate. While their kids played, Joe and Noah became fast friends. Joe confided in Noah that he wanted to start a company. Noah offered Joe a read of his journal of startup ideas for Joe to consider (yep, Noah kept a journal).

In the back of the journal, Noah had written about his idea for a toy for his son Liam. He envisioned a toy that would fix limitations Noah found with other toys, challenge Liam, grow with him, and let him incorporate his other toys. Noah wanted to make a toy that would last for generations. Joe was immediately hooked.

Noah created the first Squaregles in his kitchen with old boxes and a few magnets. The rest is history in the making...

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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 100 hosts for this party.

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“I gave these as gifts for Christmas and the kids are loving them. They snap together easily so you can build cool structures just like Magnatiles. But there's so much more you can do with them once built. The kids especially like the marble rolls pieces. But the castle parts are also a big hit. Highly recommended.”
Brian S, Squaregles Starter Set
Brian S, Squaregles Starter Set