Spring Cleaning Party

May 9-14, 2016 - Spring Cleaning Party

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means... time for a good house cleaning! But do you take much thought into the cleaning tools you use? What is the make-up of your cleaning solutions? How long have you used the same duster? What are your sponge and dishcloths made of? Are your brushes doing the job well?

Thankfully, Full Circle an innovative and eco-friendly cleaning brand has thought in detail about these questions and their answers could be yours if you are chosen to host a Spring Cleaning Party! They are dedicated to creating cleaning products that are stylish yet sensible. Every product is carefully forged by using safe, plant-based materials, and by paying close attention to every detail of the cleaning task at hand. They are proud members of the BCORP family and aspire to make the world a better place through their cleaning products.

Tryazon will choose 50 hosts for this party opportunity. Those picked will have the opportunity to receive a party pack with samples to showcase to friends and family, at the beginning of May. Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below.
Hosts selected for this party will receive a party kit valued at $100+ with the following items:

How they started

Through their team's collective backgrounds in industrial design, manufacturing and sales, Full Circle develops new ways of making products with a major impact in the cleaning industry. To start, they collaborated with local growers, manufacturers and distributors to refine the process from start to finish. The results are innovative, well designed, responsibly made tools that help keep your home beautiful.


Full circle is proudly obsessed with detail and is determined to evolve the way everyday products are made. That’s why the four founders teamed up to create the first line of products that are as stylish as they are sensible, reducing unnecessary waste while elevating design. What started as a better way to think about products turned in to a new way of creating healthier options that inspire smarter choices. Sustainability is great, design is vital, functionality is essential, and at Full Circle, all three of these aspects are necessary in their products.

Quality Products

Every material in Full Circle's product line is carefully selected for its durability, giving you more time before each one ends its lifecycle. They choose options that take less energy to produce and cut back on greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals, making them as conscientious as they are long lasting.

BCORP Certified: Full circle is proud to be in a family of businesses committed to solving environmental and social problems. Their B Corp certification shows their commitment to being and creating the very best for our world.

"We’re not necessarily clean freaks, but we are healthy people. We have a value system and methods that let us create a better way to clean, cook, shop and even live. We believe that a more responsible lifestyle benefits everyone and everything, from our neighbors and friends to the planet and resources. All we need is the right tools"

Learn more about Full Circle's products by visiting: http://fullcirclehome.com/
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  • Apr. 15Applications Due
    All party host applications need to be received by this date.
  • Apr. 19Hosts Selected
    Selected applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those party hosts who are accepted and confirmed will have their party packs shipped to them.
  • Apr. 20Start Party Planning
    Hosts can begin planning for their parties. Tryazon will provide party guides and resources to assist!
  • May 9Host Parties
    The fun begins in early May, when parties will be hosted.

Number of Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 50 hosts for this party.

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Love these products for washing dishes by Full Circle. They are high quality materials, well-made, and do the job. If you don't have a dish washer, this glass cleaner certainly makes life easier and does a thorough job!
Linda Marsh
Linda Marsh
Amazon Reviewer