Spontuneous Game Night

Nov 13-14, 2015 - Spontuneous Game Night

If you're a person that often bursts into a song upon hearing a word or phrase, you are going to love Spontuneous! This hilarious and interactive family party board game is a great gift for all music lovers of all ages.

Spontuneous will have your whole group laughing as you compete against each other to quickly sing songs using trigger-words. Not only is it fun, but is good for your brain as it helps memory recall and word association skills. With several awards and a 4.5 out of 5 star ranking on Amazon, it's sure to become a favorite in many homes this season.

Tryazon will choose 100 hosts for this party opportunity. Those picked will have the opportunity to receive a party pack with samples to showcase to friends and family in November. Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below.
Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack containing the following items:

  • Spontuneous
  • • Coupons for party guests
  • • Party Host Guide - to help you plan and carry out the party


SPONTUNEOUS® (spon-TUNE-ee-us) "Acting on the natural tendency or impulse to burst into song", is Award Winning and is America's Hottest New Party Game! If you're looking for a hilarious game to entertain your family and friends, then it's time to throw a Spontuneous® Party! It's fun, fast paced, full of laughs and a perfect game to spice up your next get-together!

Players take turns trying to think of a word that will stump the other players from being able to sing a 5-word portion of lyrics (from any song) that contains the given Trigger-word. If the 15-second timer expires and you have stumped everyone, then you must prove you know a song containing your own Trigger-Word or else your penalized. It will test your knowledge of lyrics and will forever change the way you listen to music. Once you play Spontuneous®, you'll be hooked, so let the party begin!

For more information about Spontuneous please visit: http://www.spontuneous.com/

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Number of Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 100 hosts for this party.

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Might be the most fun we've ever had playing a board game! We laughed ourselves silly. The game is quick to learn... My son burst into show tunes we had no idea he knew and we discovered my daughter could rap. This was a huge hit and will be the first game we pull out next time.
Kathy Adams
Kathy Adams
Amazon Reviewer