Spin Master Holiday Game Night

Spin Master Holiday Game Night
― December 13-14 , 2019 ―

Make family game night more fun than ever with Spin Master Games! With a vision to make life more fun, Spin Master Games features many award-winning games to encourage play, inspire togetherness, and bring out the fun in everyone.

The new Hedbanz app brings the gameplay to life! Scan your cards to activate the unique, interactive face filters for each one! Get in on the act with Reverse Charades, the fast-paced party game that puts a comical twist on the classic charades game! Or try out The Sock Game, the hilarious fast-paced game where your fingers do the seeing! With Spin Master Games, there’s something for everyone!

Tryazon will select 250 hosts for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of Spin Master games to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the games and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack with a combined value of $65+, containing the following items:

  • 1 Hedbanz game
  • 1 Reverse Charades game
  • 1 The Sock Game
  • Party Host Guide to help you plan and carry out the party!

Spin Master was founded in 1994 by two childhood friends, Ronnen Harary and Anton Rabie, and were later joined by classmate Ben Varadi. Together, they produced and sold their first product, the Earth Buddy - a nylon stocking-covered head of sawdust topped with grass seeds which grew to emulate hair, funded with their own $10,000 investment. With Anton selling the item on the street and to specialty retailers, the operation quickly expanded to a small facility in downtown Toronto. This initial success served as the springboard for Spin Master's entry into the toy business.

Since 2000, Spin Master has received 103 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 28 wins across a variety of product categories, including 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year, more than any of its competitors. The company's continued investment and support of its entertainment division has also yielded meaningful results. To date, Spin Master has produced six television series, including 2007 success, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally.

When Spin Master began to chart it's course in the children's entertainment industry, the founders recognized that in order to compete successfully with the established brands of larger companies, they had to design and market innovative products that would "wow" consumers and disrupt the traditional toy market. With the inspiration of its founders, who remain actively engaged in the business today Spin Master has maintained a deeply rooted culture of creativity, partnership and passion.

Visit https://www.spinmaster.com to learn more.

The new Hedbanz app brings the gameplay to life! Scan your cards to activate the unique, interactive face filters for each one! The Hedbanz categories are simple (animal, food or object), allowing everyone, even young children, to join in on the family fun! Racing against the timer, each round moves quickly, ramping up your energy and challenging your wit! Check out the video HERE to see it in action!

Reverse Charades
Get in on the act with Reverse Charades, the fast-paced party game that puts a hilarious twist on the classic charades game! In Reverse Charades, everybody gets to act out the word while one team member gets to guess. Split into teams of three or more, and each team selects a guesser while the rest of the team acts out the word. Things will get hilarious, quickly! With the opposing team flipping over the included timer and holding the clue cards, the guesser watches their team acting out the word! Earn a point for each correct word, then switch guessers and keep acting out words until 60 seconds are up. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! Your entire family will love playing Reverse Charades. Get your #GameSquad together and play the fun, hilarious and twisted game of Reverse Charades!

The Sock Game
Play the hilarious fast-paced game where your fingers do the seeing! The perfect addition to family game night, Sock Game puts your sensory skills to the test! The rules are simple: turn the spinner to find out what item you’re looking for. Race to reach into the sock and feel your way to your desired item. First team to find 11 items in their sock wins!

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Tryazon will select up to 250 hosts for this party.

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“The best kids game ever! We have had so much fun playing this. The kids had a blast with it and it got everyone involved with each other. It is a must have if you have kids! ”
Amazon review, Hedbanz