Spin Master – Bunches of Fun Game Night

Spin Master - Bunches of Fun Game Night
― September 8-9, 2023 ―

Spin Master Games is back again with three new games to try! There's something for everyone!

Get ready to monkey around and unleash some gut-busting laughter with the hilarious Monkey See Monkey Poo game! It's the poo-flinging extravaganza that will have you in stitches from start to finish. Meet the squad of mischievous monkeys – P.U. Stink, Gassy George, Harry Dingle, and Tootsie – each with their own hilarious flair! Load up your monkey's flinger with scented poo-tastic dough, squeeze and shape it just right! Spin the spinner and fling the poop! Knock over bunches to earn bananas and move up the tree. The first to reach the top goes bananas with victory! It's a rollercoaster ride of hilarious mishaps, belly-aching laughs, and triumphs as you master the art of flinging poo with poo-fect precision.

Hedbanz Lightspeed is a new exciting twist on the classic “What am I” Hedbanz game! Play your favorite quick question game at lightspeed! Rules change in a flash as your electronic headband lights up one of the three colors. When it turns GREEN, get ready for charades and act out scenes! When ORANGE flashes – answer questions faster than lightning! And when you see BLUE - give three clues! Guess as many cards as you can before your headband sounds off in applause, signaling your time has run out. It's a race against time! Are you ready for the challenge? Lights, Color, Action!

Introducing the Dumb Ways to Die card game - based on an innocent sounding transportation safety jingle that took the internet by storm in 2012 the game puts the Beans lives in your hands and in the hands of fate to see who the last Bean left standing alive will be. Your only goal is to make sure that your Beans don’t die. However, these bumbling Beans will ALWAYS find dumb ways to die. Their survival depends on a deck of cards that MIGHT help (but mostly won’t). The game is perfect for adults, families and friends alike!

Tryazon will select 250 hosts for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of Spin Master games to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the games by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack valued at $60+, containing the following items:

  • 1 Monkey See Monkey Poo game
  • 1 Hedbanz Lightspeed game
  • 1 Dumb Ways to Die game
  • Party Host Guide to help you plan and carry out the party!

Spin Master was founded in 1994 by two childhood friends, Ronnen Harary and Anton Rabie, and were later joined by classmate Ben Varadi. Together, they produced and sold their first product, the Earth Buddy - a nylon stocking-covered head of sawdust topped with grass seeds which grew to emulate hair, funded with their own $10,000 investment. With Anton selling the item on the street and to specialty retailers, the operation quickly expanded to a small facility in downtown Toronto. This initial success served as the springboard for Spin Master's entry into the toy business.

Since 2000, Spin Master has received 103 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 28 wins across a variety of product categories, including 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year, more than any of its competitors. The company's continued investment and support of its entertainment division has also yielded meaningful results. To date, Spin Master has produced six television series, including 2007 success, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally.

When Spin Master began to chart it's course in the children's entertainment industry, the founders recognized that in order to compete successfully with the established brands of larger companies, they had to design and market innovative products that would "wow" consumers and disrupt the traditional toy market. With the inspiration of its founders, who remain actively engaged in the business today Spin Master has maintained a deeply rooted culture of creativity, partnership and passion.

Visit https://www.spinmaster.com to learn more.


A hilarious poop-filled kids game that will have your little ones giggling with joy as they fling banana-scented poo, collect bananas, and climb their way to becoming the ultimate TOP BANANA!

How to Play:

The concept is simple: fill the Monkey Flinger with banana-scented poo! Fling poo! Collect bananas! Climb!

Start by choosing your monkey - P.U. Stink, Gassy George, Harry Dingle, or Tootsie. Then, spin the spinner to see how many flings you get. Lift the Monkey Flinger’s tail and load the dough into the opening on his back. Push down on the tail until all the dough is in the Monkey’s hands. Pinch and shape poo before launching! Aim at the vertical tree that is the game board and let the poop fly! After flinging a poo, collect a Banana Token for each Banana Bunch you knocked over. Continue flinging poo the number of times shown on the spinner. When a player collects 3 Banana Tokens, it’s time to trade them in and climb to the next level on the Tree! Trade in enough Bananas Tokens to climb to the top and be TOP BANANA!

AGE 4+ ● 2-4 players ● 20 Min


Get ready for lights, color and action with a new twist on everyone’s favourite “What am I?” game - Hedbanz Lightspeed.

How to Play:

Play your favorite quick question game at lightspeed! Rules change in a flash as your electronic headband lights up one of three colors. Guess as many cards as you can before your headband sings, signaling your time has run out! The player with the most points wins! When it turns GREEN, act out a scene! At lightspeed ORANGE will flash, answer the questions fast! When you see BLUE, give 3 clues! You will love this one-of-a-kind electronic headband.
Batteries required: 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

AGE 6+ ● 2-6 players


Welcome to Dumbville! While you’re here, your only goal is to make sure that your Beans don’t die. So, in the face of almost certain death, you better hope you’re lucky, or at the very least, that everyone else dies first. Hilarious bean cards include deaths by taking your helmet off in outer space, eating a tube of super glue, & more! The violence is candy colored and never really frightening.

How to Play:

Each player starts with 3 Animated Bean Death Cards. Roll the dice to determine how many actions you need to complete. An action is either drawing a card or playing a card. Follow the directions on the cards, while trying your best to not let your Beans die! The last person to have one more Bean alive wins! But don't be too sad if you lose, you can miraculously bring the Beans back to life by flipping them over and starting a new game!

AGE 12+ ● 2-5 players

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@spinmastergames Get ready to laugh out loud with Monkey See Monkey Poo! 🐒💩Compete with 2–4 players, this poo-filled game is simple! 1) Fill with poo 2) Fling poo 3) Collect bananas 4) Climb #MonkeySeeMonkeyPoo #monkeyseemonkeypoo🙈🙉🙊 #monkeyseemonkeypoogame #GameNight #SpinmasterGames ♬ For videos! Rejector weakness system - MoppySound

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