School-Rite Giveaway

~ AUGUST Try of the Month ~

School-Rite Giveaway

“Handwriting Made Easy” with School-Rite . These durable Handwriting Guides fascinate children as young as three years old and help those who need a little extra. They give practice in forming the contour of each letter so learners “feel” the motion of making the letter they are practicing. Made in USA.

  • Each set features letters, numbers or activities on individual durable high quality plastic templates
  • Helps to accurately form the contour of each letter while teaching the alphabet
  • Builds fine motor skills
  • Coordinates hand and eye movement
  • Different sets for different ages and skill levels ranging from 3-9 years old
Giveaway Packages

Giveaway Package #1 ($96.85 Value): Giant Alphabet & Number Sets (Items #010, 026, 027)

Giveaway Package #2 ($50.85 Value): Manuscript Handwriting Sets & Shape Activity Set (Items #1051, 2151, 451)

Giveaway Package #3 ($50.85 Value): Cursive Handwriting Sets & Magic Words Game (Items #7681, 8681, 973)