Save the Day Stress-free Holiday Party

Save the Day Stress-free Holiday Party
― Oct 12-13, 2018 ―

Let Save the Day take the heavy lifting out of your holiday cooking and parties! There are 18 different spice blends to chose: No-Salt, Low-Salt, all-purpose, ethnic, and spicy. You can make anything you have on hand, such as meats, pastas, vegetables, sauces, dips etc. Simply add the seasoning of choice to your food – it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking or how you're cooking it, or when you season it. You can’t go wrong!

Each blend is specially prepared to function as a complete seasoning – no other flavors, not even salt, are needed. What’s even better, is they are made with all-natural ingredients, are gluten-free, with no MSG, additives or preservatives. Save the Day makes cooking easier, healthier, and tastier than ever before, making all your holiday cooking a breeze!

Their new product line, Save the Day Sweetenings, will be launching October 12th!

Tryazon will select 250 hosts for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with an assortment of Save the Day Seasonings and more to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack valued at $80+, containing the following items:

  • 1 Jar of Save the Day Seasonings (may vary)
  • 3 Variety Packs
  • 1 Refill Pouch
  • 1 Super Sampler set (Includes all 18 blends to try)
  • 1 Variety Box with four seasoning bags
  • 12 Universal Recipe Cards
  • 12 Save the Day Seasonings Order Catalogs
  • Save the Day Party Host Guide to help you plan and carry out the party!

What are Save the Day Seasonings?

Save the Day Seasonings started simply - with a problem, and then a solution. Adrian Alvi, AKA “the cook of the house”, would come home after working his corporate job, tired, but still needing to plan and prepare dinner for his family. “What’s for dinner” is not the first thing one wants to hear after a long day’s work, especially when you have no ideas.

Then a new concept came to him: seasoning blends that would work on any food you had on hand; meats, veggies, beans & rice, leftovers or whatever. These seasonings would be “complete” seasonings where no other flavors, not even salt, would be needed. Being a lifelong student of foods and flavors, he knew that if he could get what was in his head into a jar, it just might make life easier.

And so, Save the Day Seasonings was born!

Since then, Save the Day Seasonings has grown to include 17 unique seasoning blends including: ethnic blends, spicy blends, and their own unique creations.

Learn more about Save the Day Seasonings HERE .


Save the Day Seasonings makes cooking easy and healthy. Check out some simple yet delicious recipes using some of their most popular blends.

Find even more recipes and inspiration HERE .
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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 250 hosts for this party.

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Save the Day seasonings are wonderful. They take the guess work out of seasoning your food, and they make everything taste better. My whole family loves them.
Matt Capell - Facebook Review
Matt Capell - Facebook Review