RoosterFin Giveaway

~ OCT Try of the Month ~

RoosterFin Ultimate Game Pack

RoosterFin’s ultimate game pack includes a little bit of fun for everyone. Created by Joe RoosterFin, former math teacher, RoosterFin games are award-winning, easy-to-learn, educational, and fun for the whole family! These games are perfect for game night, and even make great birthday gifts.

  • Strengthens social skills
  • Improves memory, logic skills, and sequential reasoning
  • Helps hand-eye coordination
  • Includes quality, well-constructed game parts
  • And has funny monkeys, roosters, and emoji game characters
Giveaway Package Includes: Three RoosterFin games including Rooster Race, Lumpy Cubes, and Monkeys Up that are each autographed by the inventor. Plus, a bonus $50 Amazon Gift Card.