Rituals for Mother’s Day

Rituals for Mother's Day
― April 22-26, 2019 ―

Rituals is back again with gorgeously designed, elegant gift sets, beautifully wrapped & ready to enjoy, just in time for Mother's Day! The ideal present for any loved one - perfect combination of bath, body and home products. Gift sets are available in the following Rituals collections: The Ritual of Ayurveda (REBALANCING), inspired by the Indian ancient art of living wisely, and The Ritual of Sakura (REJUVENATION), inspired by the ancient Hanami ceremony from Japan, celebrating the fleeting beauty of the Sakura blossom.

Rituals is a unique, luxury lifestyle, European brand focused on ancient traditions for body and home, helping you to find meaning and happiness in the smallest of things. Gift sets offered in four different sizes, providing choices for the special person in your life. The inlay is 100% compostable and the luxury keepsake box is ideal for storing your favorite things. Give the gift to celebrate mother's everywhere.

Tryazon will select 400 participants for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive the TryaBox with a Rituals gift set for you to sample, enjoy and review. Learn more about the products by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this opportunity will receive a TryaBox valued at $29.5-$45+, containing ONE of the following Ritual’s Gift sets:


Rituals is a unique luxury lifestyle brand focused on ancient traditions for body and home. As the leading bath and body brand in Europe, we encourage ‘slow down’ moments for the mind, body, & soul. With an expansive product line including body care, scented candles, fragrance sticks, natural skin care, precious mineral make-up, and Soulwear, the brand transforms everyday routines into more meaningful moments.

The Power of Rituals

They are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty within them. They are the seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook. Rituals unveils these moments and reminds you to experience them with joy. Whether it’s taking a nice long bath or creating a homey atmosphere with the rich scent of Asian incense, Rituals allows you to find happiness in the smallest of things.


In 2000, RITUALS opened its first store on Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat, followed by openings in such vibrant cities as London, Madrid, Antwerp, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm and New York. The luxury brand has more than 600 stores, more than 2000 shop-in-shops and 4 city spas in 27 countries worldwide- expanding its US footprint with a total of 18 stores spanning New York, New Jersey and California by the end of 2018.

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Tryazon will select up to 400 participants for this TryaBox opportunity.

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