Playfinity Active Thanks-gaming Party

Playfinity Active Thanks-gaming Party
― November 20-26, 2023 ―

Kick-off your Thanksgiving week with active games from Playfinity! Playfinity blends physical and virtual play through unique smart sports equipment connected to a free app full of games, worldwide players and competitions. Each game is playful, physical, and engaging, reinforcing the idea that sports, fun and fitness go hand in hand.

Turn practice time into fun time with the Gaming Baseball. Transform any backyard trampoline into an exciting gaming arena with JumpGames. And bring endless hours of fun and a variety of active games with the SmartBall. Playfinity gets your kids outdoors and excited! Say goodbye to couch time and hello to active outdoor play time!

Tryazon will select 50 hosts for this party opportunity . Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of Playfinity products to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack with a combined value of $260+, containing the following items:

In 2016 Playfinity started with a mission: to use technology smarter - to inspire active play, as kids are stuck to screens because of the way experiences are designed.

Since the release of their first smart ball in 2018, they have connected with thousands of players, held hundreds of events, and logged more than forty million throws, kicks, and jumps.

The Playfinity journey has just started! Join the mission to bring fun and play back into sports, and sports back to kids.

To learn more about Playfinity’s efforts to keep kids, families, and communities playing together and playing longer, visit their website at

Learn more about each Playfinity game!

Gaming Baseball

Give your kids a fun new way to train their baseball skills with Playfinity’s smart Gaming Baseball. They can play solo, with friends, or challenge players around the world. Connected to a free app with fun games based on baseball drills, this smart baseball offers an engaging way to play, compete, and improve their baseball game- a blast for players of all levels!

  • Ideal for players of all ages, so you can get your kids in on the fun!
  • Train catching, fielding, and throwing skills with games like Fast Hands, Freeze Ball, and Higher and Higher. Games are designed to improve baseball skills.
  • In-game coach that provides real time audio feedback, sound effects and energetic music. Sound is key!
  • The ball detects throws, catches, misses and ground balls, and measures throw power, speed, glove movement, height, precision, transfer speed and airtime.
  • Free IOS & Android app features a variety of interactive games to develop different skills and level up.
  • Regulation size and weight baseball, built to endure heavy use.
  • 70-yard Bluetooth connectivity and one-button connection makes phone set up easy.
  • Long battery life gives you up to 70 hours of play, or 40,000 throws, and ball has an IP67 rating so you can play even in the rain.
  • Smart power technology features an auto shut-off capability with a button-press to wake up.
  • Kid safe, high privacy settings & protections.

  • What’s included:


    Combine tech and sports in an exciting way with the SmartBall from Playfinity giving your kids endless hours of outdoor fun and exercise! To play solo, with friends, or challenging players all over the world. Connected to a free app with fun interactive games, the SmartBall offers the most engaging way to play ball for today’s kids!

  • Soft and squishy design - Perfect for introducing little kids to all ball-throwing sports helping them gradually develop their skills while having a blast.
  • Free IOS&Android app features a variety of interactive games to develop different skills and level up.
  • Immersive experience through live feedback, sound effect and activity tracking.
  • Virtual challenges let you compete with friends or other players worldwide.
  • Game builder function lets you create and build new games for yourself.

  • JumpGames

    Turn your trampoline into a fun and exciting gaming destination with Playfinity JumpGames. To play solo, with friends, or challenge players all over the world. This smart ankle band and its companion free app filled with games make every jump and twirl count. Real time sound effects and music create an immersive gaming experience as your kids jump their way to each new level!

  • In-game audio provides real-time sound effects, music and cool commentary that immerses kids in the game!
  • Use the band to count jumps with or without the phone.
  • Includes two flexible bands of 2 different sizes.
  • Download the JumpGames Mobile App on iOS or Android, and start jumping! No extra fees or subscriptions.

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@playfinity_activegaming 📣“Getting my kids outside to play has never been easier than with Playfinity Active Gaming! This SmartBall is an engaging active gaming experience that combines physical and virtual play -getting kids up, moving and outside to improve their physical health, mental health and ability to do everyday activities. It’s soft enough for the little ones to play with, trust me I was hit in the head a few times while filming, but cool enough for the big kids! The ball has a function button that allows you to control the free apps as you play for hours of fun! Want a little competition? Check your stats on the app to see how you rank!”🤸🏼‍♂️✨ 🙌🏼🧡 Big thanks to @livin_with_littles for spreading the word on how awesome it is to play with our SmartBall! ✅Shop at #playfinity #activegaming #playfinityball #smartball #baseball #getoutsideandplay #amazonfinds #amazon #getkidsmoving #activekids #sportsforkids #getoutstayout ♬ sonido original - PLAYFINITY ACTIVE GAMING
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  • Oct 27Hosts Selected
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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 50 hosts for this party.

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"My son has been out playing the games, loves them. He plays more than usual and he loves tracking his speed and how many throws a day. I love this and can't wait for new updates and games to come!"
Review by Dallas
Review by Dallas
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