Pixicade Back-to-School Party

Pixicade Back-to-School Party
― Aug 20-21, 2021 ―

Pixicade is back with 1,000 more opportunities to try Pixicade and this time, Pixicade Plus!

Transform drawings into video games with Pixicade, the award winning digital game maker kit that teaches game design and 21st century skills. The STEAM product is perfect for people 6 and older. It was created by a public school art teacher with over a decade of experience and her husband who is a tech innovator. Pixicade is as easy as:

1. Draw a game design
2. Snap the picture in the Pixicade app.
3. Play your video game!

One can play games in the Pixicade arcade or share your created games with others. Pixicade is a creative community where anyone can be a game designer! An award winning game that provides endless fun!

Tryazon will select 1,000 hosts for this opportunity! Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of two Pixicade games to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the games and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack with a combined value of $50+, containing the following items:

The story of Pixicade begins with a technical computer programmer (Martin) falling in love with a dynamic high school art teacher (Alysha). They got married, had children, and enjoyed dancing their way through life and programming games together.

Then on one very special day, Martin had dinner with a friend who showed him a game his son drew. This sparked the idea for Martin to create a sophisticated program to turn drawings into playable video games. The momentum, excitement, and success grew into a full-time passion business! ​

Visit Pixicade to learn more.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker sets a new standard in both entertainment and learning. There is an appeal for a wide spectrum of interests: kids that love drawing, kids that love video games, kids that like solving puzzles...they all are amazed at seeing their creations come to life! Parents love it because kids will actually put down their phones or tablets and pick up markers and paper. Kids love it because they can draw their own games, share them with their friends, and play them on their phone or tablet. Pixicade stores as many games as you create.

The only thing more impressive than how innovative Pixicade is would be how extremely easy it is to use. Kids get to draw a picture of an idea for a video game using colored markers and real paper. Then, using the Pixicade app available for iOS and android, all that is needed is to snap a pic of the piece of paper! From there, the image is brought to life as an actual video game that can be played on a phone or tablet! The app only requires a camera and an internet connection. (iOS 8.0 and up, android 6.0 and up)

The ultimate “wow” factor for hands-on fun, Pixicade was created by a high school art teacher who saw imagination and creativity in students decreasing. Pixicade is also a STEM.org authenticated educational product.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker is unlike anything else on the market, and sure to get your kids’ imaginations working in new ways while keeping them engaged the whole time.

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The application period has now ended. Please check out our other Party Opportunities.

  • Jul 19 Applications Due
    All party host applications need to be received by this date.
  • Jul 21Hosts Selected
    Applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those party hosts who are accepted and confirmed will have their party packs shipped to them.
  • Jul 22Start Party Planning
    Hosts can begin planning for their parties. Tryazon will provide party guides and resources to assist!
  • Aug 20Host Parties
    The fun begins in August, when parties will be hosted!

Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 1,000 hosts for this party.

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"My 7 year old is all about video games. He stays busy for hours with it and loves it. Would highly recommend for anyone with a gaming child. It allows their own creativity to make their own game."