Personal Trainer Food – Fall Weight Loss Challenge

Personal Trainer Food - Fall Weight Loss Challenge
― Sept 4 - Oct 2, 2018 ―

This isn’t your typical diet plan. This is a proven meal plan for weight loss that’s loaded with great tasting food. Personal Trainer Food serves juicy meat entrees, select vegetables, and classic egg breakfasts. You get generous portions of healthy low-carb foods that will fuel your busy life and keep you satisfied. But how does it work?

Personal Trainer Food combines great food through a healthy meal plan with daily routines to build healthy habits that help you achieve your goals and maintain your results. Good habits are the keystone to losing weight.

Tryazon will include 100 participants for this opportunity! 50 Hosts will be selected by Tryazon. Those Tryazon members selected get to include one friend of their choice to join them on this journey. . Each team member will receive a TryaBox with a 28 day meal plan from Personal Trainer Food and will be given the opportunity to earn even more through the Fall Weight Loss Challenge. Learn more about the products and this unique opportunity by clicking the tabs below!

Participants selected for this opportunity will receive a TryaBox with a value of over $450 per team member, containing the following items:

  • Personal Trainer Food Meal Plan: 3 meals a day for 28 days
  • Free access to an experienced Weight Loss Coach
  • Personal Trainer Food TryaBox Guide
  • Opportunity to earn an additional 28 days worth of food for October for winning the weight loss challenge!

Why choose Personal Trainer Food?

Learn more about this incredible weight loss plan HERE

Tryazon Testimonials

Earlier this year, Tryazon Hosts competed in the first Personal Trainer Food Weight Loss Challenge. Here’s what some of these hosts had to say about their experience.

“I am behind Personal Trainer Foods 100%. I lost 16.8pounds and 10.5 inches overall.

I LOVED the food! I am not a big breakfast person but the breakfasts were filling and really gave me energy for the day! The breaded items made me feel like I was cheating and helped me stick to the plan but the cheeseburger sticks and teriyaki chicken were my favorite! They tasted fresh off the grill every time!”

- Caitlin S.

“This challenge and PTF gave me a chance to get healthy again and gave me my confidence back. After 3 kids in 7 years, I really didn't know where to start with weight loss and I really didn't take the time to take care of myself. PTF took all the prep work out of perfectly portioned, easy to prepare and delicious meals-and I was NEVER hungry!!!”

- Ansley H.

“It far exceeds any other program I have heard of or tried in my opinion. It is so very convenient to prepare and adhere to. They equip you with all of the tools for success needed as well as multiple avenues of fantastic support. The results after 28 days have simple been astounding to me. This is an easy to follow program. It is not complicated, does not have points or calories to follow and the food is phenomenal! This is not merely a diet. It is a life changer that equipped me for a lifestyle change I can stick with from this point forward!!”

- Katie B.


Looking for more details? Here is some additional information about participating in this TryaBox opportunity.

Who We’re Looking For: You and one of your personally selected friends who would like to also challenge themselves to lose weight this fall!

What's In It For You: You get free delicious food (it really is yummy), the support of your friend, and a no-brainer program that will help you lose weight. Oh, and free access to an experienced Weight Loss Coach who can guide and motivate you to get your best results. All we ask in exchange is that you share your story on social media-- and your weight loss results with us!

What's The Catch: We're glad you asked. There is no catch. You will need to complete a one day liquid fast prior to beginning the meal plan. Then just eat the food we provide you, follow the program guidelines, and stick to the deadlines.

Here are some things you can expect each week:

Liquid Fast Prior to Beginning Meal Plan
You will complete a one day liquid fast to jump start the program. This helps to detox your body, improve organ function, and gets you ready to begin this lifestyle change. More information on fasting can be found HERE

Days 1 to 7
Your food arrives. You transition from processed food to whole foods. You experience sugar withdrawals. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day.

Days 8 to 14
Energy increases. You sleep better. Your body is detoxifying from processed foods. You are now entering fat burn mode.

Days 15 to 21
Clothes are getting looser. Your weight is dropping. You are beginning to understand the whole process with your body, mind and emotions.

Days 22 to 28 Your confidence is through the roof. Friends are noticing your size reduction. You know what you must do and you're ready for more!

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The application period has now ended. Please check out our other Party Opportunities.

  • Aug 13 Applications Due
    All TryaBox applications need to be received by this date.
  • Aug 15 TryaBox Participants Selected
    Applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those TryaBox participants who are accepted and confirmed will receive additional instructions to have their TryaBox products shipped to them.
  • Sept 4 Tryabox Sampling
    TryaBox sampling begins in September!


Tryazon will include up to 100 participants in this TryaBox opportunity.

Personal Trainer Food TryaBox

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In only 28 days of Personal Trainer Food, I went from 224.2 pounds to 206.2 pounds. That's 18 pounds down! From a size 22 jeans to a size 14/16. I lost a total of 20 inches overall with a mind blowing 8 inches from my waist. I'm completely in shock! PTF made it so easy!
Shawna G.
Shawna G.
– Tryazon Host