Peaceable Kingdom Game Night

Peaceable Kingdom Game Night
― Nov 3-4, 2017 ―

Peaceable Kingdom creates games & gifts that inspire cooperation & cultivate kindness – because kids that play well together play well in the world. Play with heart & soul!

Cooperative games blend playful fun with a chance to learn compassion and practice kindness toward others. Common goals teach kids to work together. With fun titles like Hoot Owl Hoot, the games are designed to enable players to win or lose as a team, to help build resilience and strengthens friendships. They also provide an engaging way to turn off the screens and join together for interactive face-to-face play.

Just in time for the holidays, Tryazon will select 100 hosts for this opportunityto try out these fun, skill building games. Those chosen will receive a party pack with three games, a branded tote bag, as well as fun extras like pens and stickers to share with guests in November! Learn more about the games and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack valued at $60+, containing the following items:

Here at Peaceable Kingdom, we believe in a few important things.

We believe in slowing down and putting our screens aside so we can play with our kids, in spending time with friends and in connecting with family. We believe that doing this for even a little bit every day nourishes our spirit.

We believe that kids shine when kindness, courage, and connection are part of their DNA, when they reach out to someone who is sad, or can get up after a tumble, or give you an unexpected hug.

We believe in family and community, by being a family-owned, family-first company that has proudly called Berkeley, California, home for over 30 years.

We believe that honesty really is the best policy, no matter what.

We believe in cooperation in all its forms, with each other as employees, with the inventors, artists, manufacturers, and retailers who make up our larger family, and with our planet.

We believe that when play comes from the heart and feeds the soul, a more peaceable kingdom really is possible.


Peaceable Kingdom creates cooperative games which enable players to win or lose as a team, which builds resilience and strengthens friendships!

Sunny & Stormy Day
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Retail Price: $17.99 Target Exclusive
  • Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award
  • Description: Read the book - Follow along with Max the hedgehog as he experiences the sunny and stormyparts of his day. Play the Game - Scenes from Max’s day make up a colorful matching game that’s simple to play. Using your memory skills, find sunny and stormy matches from the book before the moon comes up and Max’s day is over. Start a Family Tradition - Three tokens — a sun, cloud, and rainbow — are the only tools you need to begin talking about the sunny and stormy parts of your day as a family. Sunny and Stormy Day! was created as a way for families to build a daily habit of sharing from the heart. You can do it at bedtime or anytime that works for your family, such as dinnertime or when you’re on your way home from school. Find your special time of day when you each can share something that happened to you and how that made you feel.

  • Hoot Owl Hoot
    • Recommended Age: 4+
    • Number of Players: 2-4
    • Retail Price: $15.99
    • Awards:'s Best Children's Game of 2011, Dr. Toy 100 Best Products 2011, 2011 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Disney FamilyFun Toy of the Year 2011, 2011 Parents' Choice Silver Award, Major Fun Award, Dr. Toy Best Green Product 2011, 2011 Goddard School Top 10 Preschool Approved Game
    • Learning Skills: Color matching, Simple strategy, Following directions, Social development Cooperation
    • Description: Players help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up. Play a color card and fly to that space. Draw a sun card, and you’re one step closer to the daylight. Help all the owls get home before the sun rises and everyone wins! The basic game is easy enough for first time game players and the game can be made infinitely more challenging simply by adding more owl tokens into the game. This allows the game to age with the child or for older kids (or adults!) to play with younger kids.

    • Race to the Treasure
      • Recommended Age: 5+
      • Number of Players: 2-4
      • Retail Price: $15.99
      • Awards: 2013 Canadian Toy Testing Council Children's Choice, 2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, 2012 PAL Award, Major Fun Award, 2012 B. EcoChic Approved
      • Learning Skills: Strategy Math grid concepts, Shared decision making, Cooperation
      • Description: Players try to beat the ogre to the treasure by creating a path from START to END. Along the way they need to collect three keys to open the treasure. Players strategize, cooperate, and build the path together. If they do it before the ogre gets there, they all win! Kids love working together to defeat the ogre. Building onto a path encourages kids to think two steps ahead and to look at all possibilities. Game play changes each game depending on where the keys are placed.

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  • Oct 18Hosts Selected
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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 100 hosts for this party.

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I own several peaceable kingdom games. These products are the best! I love watching families come together during these games! They make great gifts and therapeutic resources. I especially love the amazing customer service. You can't beat free piece replacement! Still can't believe I haven't lost a chick in count your chickens! Thank you peaceable kingdoms!
–Stephanie Lynn, Facebook Review
–Stephanie Lynn, Facebook Review