One and Done Game Night

One and Done Game Night
― October 27-28, 2023 ―

Introducing One and Done, a fill-in-the-blank game of strategy, side eyes and sabotage from Brilliant or BS?

One and Done is a fast-paced party game for groups of 4 or more players. It combines elements of classic word guessing games (like Taboo!) with a bit of sabotage and mischief (like Uno). The gameplay is lively and unpredictable with clever twists that bring out the playful side of players who love a little laughter and light-hearted competition.

Tryazon will select a total of 50 hosts for this party opportunity. Those selected will receive a party pack with One and Done to showcase and play with friends and family! Learn more about the games and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected will receive a party pack with a combined value of $30+, containing the following items:

  • One and Done game
  • Coupons for guests!
  • Party Host Guide to help you plan and carry out the party!

We’re Kimelia and Nick, the wife and husband duo behind Brilliant or BS?. We founded our company because we love bringing people together to create memories through the types of games we’ve always enjoyed playing with our friends and family: easy-to-learn, unpredictable, and guaranteed to bring the laughs. Our first game, Brilliant or BS?, was created because we love trivia but recognize we’re not whizzes. So we set out to make a bluffing game that leveled the playing field for people like us who don’t always have the right answers but are great at sounding smart. Our newest game, One and Done, was modeled after classic group party games that get everyone involved and require equal parts skill and silliness to win.

How does it work? Players have 60 seconds to give clues that help their team finish fill-in-the-blank phrases. The catch is they can only say one word and their teammates only get one guess at each phrase. Seems simple enough, but there’s another twist. Each round the other team can wreak havoc by playing any of 16 unique sabotage cards called Set Backs. They can be things like…forcing your team's Clue Giver to dance non-stop while giving clues, erasing all the points your team earned that round, or stealing your team’s best player for the rest of the game. The first team to survive the sabotage and earn 21 points wins the game.

  • Recommended Age: 14+ Great for parties!
  • Number of Players: 4 - 20
  • 30 minutes playtime
  • Includes: 300 One and Done cards, 30 Blank Out cards, 20 Set Back cards, 1 sand timer. 2x dry erase boards, 1x dry erase marker
  • Available: Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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  • Oct 4Hosts Selected
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Host Spots

Tryazon will select a combined total of 50 hosts for this party.

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“I keep this game in the trunk of my car so I always have it in case I ever need it. You can play it with so many different kinds of groups of people. Perfect any occasion. Kids, adults, co-workers, parties, bbqs, etc."
- DW Amazon Reviewer
- DW Amazon Reviewer