Mölkky Game Day

May 27-30, 2016 - Mölkky Game Day

If you're searching for a new and exciting activity to add to your Memorial Weekend plans, look no further than this Mölkky Game Day opportunity! Whether you're spending time at a park, the beach, or even indoors, Mölkky can travel with you. It's easy to set up, easy to play and works on any surface.

Mölkky is a fun combination of chance and skill that’s quick to learn and exciting to play. It's no wonder this game is so popular in the Nordic countries! To play, players take turns throwing the Mölkky skittle to try and knock over various numbered pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly 50 points. But watch out, if you get more than 50, your score will be knocked back down to 25! Play one-on-one or get a team together – the more the merrier.

Tryazon will choose 50 hosts for this party opportunity. Those picked will have the opportunity to receive a party pack with samples to showcase to friends and family in late May. Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below.
Hosts selected for this party will receive a party kit with the following items:

Mölkky is an updated version of an old Scandinavian "throwing game" called Kyykkä that has been around for hundreds of years. Without age or fitness restrictions, and suitable to most outdoor spaces, Molkky is an easy, go-to game on any day. All over the world, Mölkky is enjoyed for its casual, easy game play, as well as in serious, top tournaments and championship competitions.

Some of the most decorated and celebrated Mölkky competitions have been held since 1997 in Finland. An annual Australian Mölkky Championship has been held since 2010 and several Mölkky association have been founded, including Finnish International Mölkky Association, Slovak Mölkky Association, French Mölkky Association, Japan Mölkky Association, Czech Molkky Association, and Sweden Molkky Association.

About Tactic Games

Tactic Group is an international and fast growing developer and marketer of board games in Europe, now launching in the U.S. and Canada. For the past 48 years, the Finnish board game company has provided consumers with innovative, high-quality products that have been warmly received by the public, including award-winning Molkky and iKNOW. Their mission is to produce entertaining games that offer moments of genuine delight and entertainment to family and friends the world over. To discover more about Tactic's wide range of games, visit www.tactic.net/USA.

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The pins are placed in a formation (see picture 1). For the first game, the throwing order is drawn. In following games, the throwing order is formed according to the previous game results from lowest to highest score. A throwing line is drawn about 3-4 metres away from the pin formation (see picture 2). Players take turns in scorekeeping (see “Ending the game”).

How To Play

Beginning the game:
First player throws at the grouping and tries to knock over pins. Mölkky is always thrown underhand.

Fallen Pin:
A pin is not considered fallen if it is leaning on another pin or on the Mölkky throwing skittle. After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell.

If one pin falls, the score = the number on the pin. When more than one fall, the score = the number of fallen pins.

Ending the Game:
If a player misses (has no score) three times in a row, he/she is out of game and acts as the scorekeeper. The game ends when the first player reaches exactly 50 points. If one scores over 50, that players score is lowered to 25.

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Number of Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 50 hosts for this party.

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This is a great family game! It only takes a couple minutes to learn, and then everyone from the 5-year old to the grandparents can participate and have an equal chance at winning.
Aimee Pierce
Aimee Pierce
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