lil’gourmets veggie meals tryabox

lil’gourmets veggie meals tryabox
― February 15-19, 2021 ―

lil' gourmets is back again for TryaBox for your little one! lil'gourmets created the first and only fresh organic veggie meal. Their mission? To help lil’ones fall in love with vegetables, while cultivating their curiosity for flavors and cultures from around the world.

Created with a unique veggie-first promise, 100% of the lil’gourmets global recipes feature veggies and beans as the first and primary ingredients, delivering 1+ serving of vegetables per cup. With only 2-5g of sugar and uniquely delicious chef-crafted spice blends, these fresh, ready-to eat veggie meals are a perfect meal for a baby, a side dish for a toddler, or a healthy snack or dip for kids and adults of any age. While babies love our veggie meals straight from the cup, kids ages 2-6 love to dip with pita chips, crackers or chopped veggies. Veggie meal tips are included in every TryaBox!

Winner of the NEXTY award for Best New Natural Kids Product, lil'gourmets products are refrigerated, certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and cold-pressure processed.

Tryazon will select 100 participants from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a TryaBox pack with a variety of coupons to try lil’gourmets products, no party required! Learn more about the products and opportunity by clicking the tabs below!

Participants selected for this sampling opportunity will receive a TryaBox pack valued at $60+, containing the following items:

  • Variety of lil'gourmets veggie meal coupons to pick up the meals for free at your local Target
  • Reusable shopper tote bag
  • Adorable baby/toddler bib or kids apron
  • Veggie Meal tips menu planners & other helpful lil’gourmets info
  • TryaBox Guide to help you plan and carry out the sampling opportunity!

"I was a working mom when I began introducing solids to my son, Jayden. I always assumed that I would feed him one of the prepared food options, given the demands of a career and being a new parent. When the time came, I opened my first jar of shelf-stable food, and it just didn’t look, smell, or taste like a vegetable should. I found the prepared baby food options to either be too sweet, too bland, and all over-processed.

So I began something I never thought I would: cooking all his meals, full of a variety of vegetables, grains, and spices. As he got older, I saw the impact that the early introduction of delicious vegetables had on his palate … as a toddler, he ate a lot of veggies and really flavorful food. I was so happy to be able to offer Jayden nutritious, flavorful food that he devoured, but the cooking and cleaning took away from my already limited time with him.

I decided to launch the food I made for him knowing there must be other parents like me, looking for truly nutritious, truly delicious, vegetable focused-meals that taste like they were made fresh that day. Meals that allow parents to take a break from cooking their kids foods, without feeling like they are sacrificing taste or nutrition.

My daughter, Mira, now eats lil’gourmets almost every day and I am so happy that she gets essential nutrients and fresh, homemade taste even when I don’t have time to cook. I hope you and your lil’ones love our veggie meals as much as we do!" - Shibani

Learn more about lil' Gourmets HERE .

Say hello to the lil’gourmets global line-up:
  • Organic Cinnamon Beets & Apples: American cuisine
  • Organic Coconut Cauliflower Mash: Australian cuisine
  • Organic Moroccan Butternut Squash: Moroccan cuisine
  • Organic Pumpkin Navy Bean Shawarma: Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Organic Spanish Corn & Bean Gazpacho: Spanish cuisine
  • Organic Sweet Potato Curry: South Indian cuisine

What makes lil’gourmets veggie meals so unique?
  • VEGGIES: Vegetables and beans will always be the first & primary ingredients in 100% of their recipes, delivering 1+ serving of vegetables per cup
  • CHEF-CRAFTED: These chef-crafted recipes are uniquely delicious and offer flavor complexity unlike any other food for kids
  • GLOBAL: Recipes that are based on generations-old recipes bring the flavors of six distinct global cuisines to your home
  • FRESH: Minimal processing delivers fresh, nutrient-dense refrigerated meals & snacks that taste homemade
  • LOW-SUGAR: Because of their focus on veggies, these veggie meals & snacks only contain 2-5g of naturally occurring sugars, which is less than half of the national brands. And never any added salt or sugar!
  • SERVED IN A CUP: To encourage savoring of complex flavors, sensory development, and recognition of satiety cues (to avoid over-eating), they chose to forego the pouch.

Not just for babies and toddlers, these fresh organic veggie meals & snacks strive to teach kids of all ages how delicious veggies can and should be while cultivating their curiosity for flavors from around the world!

Pediatrician-approved for 6 months to 106 years+, these ready-to-eat flavors are a perfect meal for a baby, a side dish for a toddler, or a healthy snack or dip for kids and adults of any age.

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The application period has now ended. Please check out our other Party Opportunities.

  • Feb 3Applications Due
    All TryaBox applications need to be received by this date.
  • Feb 4TryaBox Participants Selected
    Applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those TryaBox participants who are accepted and confirmed will have their TryaBox sample packs shipped to them.
  • Feb 15TryaBox Sampling
    TryaBox sampling begins in February!

Participating Spots

Tryazon will select up to 100 participants for this TryaBox.

lil'gourmets veggie meals tryabox

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“I have a 2.5 year old and an 11 month old who both love lil'gourmets! I've tasted the baby food myself and it is delicious. Highly recommend it!”
Neil P.
Neil P.