Lawn and Order: Cleaning and More Party

Lawn and Order: Cleaning and More Party
― June 10-14, 2024 ―

A clean home is a happy home, and the HY-C family of brands has the tools to help you tackle the job. Multiply your cleaning power with SpinAway™ from Gardus®. This rotary cleaning brush attaches to your drill, utilizing its torque and spinning action to clean dirt, dust, and grime. You can use it dry or with your cleaning solution of choice. Gardus® rotary cleaning tools make home cleaning safer and more efficient. From dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning tools, to gutter cleaning tools and all-purpose brushes, these devices help you scrub and polish like a pro!

Take your mowing routine to a new level with outdoor power equipment upgrades from Good Vibrations®! You’ll find hitch pins, hitch plates, pull cord handles, steering wheel knobs and more for push mowers, zero turn mowers, lawn tractors and trimmers.

Tryazon will select 75 hosts for this party opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with a selection of HY-C products to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below!

The HY-C family of brands makes home solution products to protect your number one investment — your home — against weather, wildlife, and everything in between.

The story of HY-C® isn’t just the story of this company. It’s an American story. It’s a story of entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, and creativity. It’s the story of how one man’s idea in the 1940s resulted in a national manufacturing company that supports over 100 employees in the 21st century.

It’s also about relationships: internal relationships that allowed the company to develop, business relationships that allowed it to grow, and executive relationships that resulted in steady leadership through changing markets and an ever-changing world.

Learn more about each of the products!

SpinAway Drill Powered Rotary Cleaning Kit

  • Rotary Cleaning Power: SpinAway™ attaches to your drill for deep, effective, thorough cleaning results.
  • Offers 10 Feet of Reach: Adjustable, locking pole allows you to clean even the hardest-to-reach spots.
  • Clean Safely: SpinAway’s™ extended reach allows you to clean without bending, stooping, or climbing.
  • All-Purpose Cleaning: Clean RVs, boats, walls, ceiling fans, fences, cars, swimming pools, and so much more!

  • LintEater Drill Powered Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

  • Make Your Home Safer: Cleaning your dryer vent a few times per year can help prevent house fires.
  • Increase Your Dryer’s Efficiency: Removing lint buildup leads to shorter drying cycles to get the best out of your dryer.
  • Save Money: Increased efficiency and shorter drying cycles can help to lower your energy bill.
  • DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning: All-in-one, do-it-yourself solution for professional-level results without the high cost.
  • Designed for any Dryer Vent Length: Utilize LintEater® Jr. for short vents and the Extension Kit for longer vents.
  • Auger-Style Brush Head: Staggered bristles create a self-feeding action to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

  • Zero Gravity™ Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap

  • Makes Trimmers Feel 75% Lighter: The Bungee Pro-X System™ works to ensure effortless, comfortable weed & grass trimming.
  • Universal Design: The Zero Gravity™ works on all makes & models of lawn trimmers, connecting in seconds.
  • Compatible with Other Equipment: Zero Gravity™ works well with leaf blowers and other outdoor power equipment.

  • Easy Rider™ Tight-Turn Steering Knob

  • Make one-handed turning simple with this comfortable, durable, universal steering wheel knob! The Easy-Rider™ is simple to install and even easier to use.
  • Universal Fit: Stainless steel attachment band with included spacer fits large and small steering wheels alike.
  • Installation Hardware Included: Comes with Allen wrench, socket head bolt, washer, nut, and stainless steel band.

  • Grass-Hawk™ Dual Bladed Mower Scraper

  • Eliminate grass accumulation from the underside of your mower! The Grass Hawk™ mower deck scraper is designed to remove grass buildup with ease.
  • Dual-Bladed Design: Features a straight blade and a 90° blade to scrape your mower deck from all angles.
  • Rubber-Lined Handle: Engineered both for maximum comfort and optimal grip.

  • Rough Rider™ Off-Road Drinking Mug

  • Mow and drink without spilling a drop! The Rough Rider™ is rugged and designed for all terrain, locking closed to ensure you stay refreshed while you work.
  • 24-Ounce Capacity: Fill with plenty of coffee or water to keep you going while you work.
  • Locking Lid: Opening and closing at the push of a button, the Rough Rider’s™ lid keeps dirt and dust out!

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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 75 hosts for this party.

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