Kids Tinkering Party

Kids Tinkering Party
― Dec 2-6, 2019 ―

There’s no limit to what kids can invent with Tinkering Labs STEM sets! The best-selling Electric Motors Catalyst includes 50+ high-quality parts that are made to last. This is a new kind of building toy that is great for kids 8 and older. It’s not a single-purpose kit, it’s an invention set that kids can use to make all kinds of motor-powered creations.

Electric Motor Catalyst kits are an Amazon best-seller and has great customer reviews! The Catalyst gives kids an intuitive sense for STEM principles from electric circuits to forces and friction. It’s more than a toy — real hardware and tools help kids connect the parts with the world around them.

Tryazon will select 100 hosts for this opportunity to try out these fun, skill building kits. Those chosen will receive a party pack with two motor catalyst kits sets to play with and try with friends and family in December! Learn more about the games and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack valued at $120+, containing the following items:

  • Tinkering labs was founded in 2015 by educator and author Gever Tulley. He is the author of the best selling book “50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)” and he has run his own K-12 independent school since 2011.

  • Gever started Tinkering Labs to make it easy for parents and teachers to help kids discover their own creative power and develop skills that make them happier now, and more successful in the future.

  • Tinkering Lab’s best selling kit, the Electric Motors Catalyst, is the result of over 10 years of testing with kids in homes and classrooms. Tens of thousands of kids have used it to create their own inventions, having fun while building their problem-solving skills.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst

Electric Motors Catalyst
  • CHALLENGES, NOT INSTRUCTIONS: There’s no “right” way to use the pieces of a Tinkering Labs Catalyst. Instead of providing step-by-step instructions to build specific projects, we provide basic fundamentals about how the parts work together, then challenge kids to build their own creations.
  • REAL PARTS: This is more than a craft project—we include real hardware and tools. Some parts are custom-designed, and some are what you can find inside home appliances or the hardware store.
  • EVERGREEN: Catalysts are not a one-time activity or a single project. Instead, they’re meant to be made and unmade and remade over and over in as many ways as kids can imagine.


See the kits in action!

The Electric Motors Catalyst comes with 10 Challenge Cards to inspire young inventors. Check out these 4 contraptions built by kids, all made with the same parts!

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Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 100 hosts for this party.

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We gifted this set to my nephew who is 8 years old. He loved it and was instantly intrigued with the various parts. It was a delight to see the set spur his creativity and it was the first time he realized he need to read the instructions to build something of this scale.
–Amazon Reviewer
–Amazon Reviewer