Italian Indulgence at Home TryaBox

Italian Indulgence at Home TryaBox
― May 4-8 , 2020 ―

Bring Italian Indulgence into your home with Cucina Antica and Taste Republic creators of quality Italian foods.

Cucina Antica brings premium, healthy ingredients with authentic Italian flavors to your home through their award-winning pasta sauces and ketchup. Their products are crafted with no preservatives, no sugar, water or tomato paste added. They are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, vegetarian and Whole30® Approved.

Taste Republic is on a mission to revolutionize gluten-free food. It’s time for delicious, wholesome ingredients. It’s time for thinking unconventionally. It’s time to have your gluten-free pasta and eat it 'al dente' too. Join the movement and exercise your right to ENJOY eating gluten-free!

Tryazon will select 100 participants for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a TryaBox with Cucina Antica pasta sauce and Taste Republic gluten free pasta products to sample, enjoy and review! Learn more about the products by clicking the tabs below!

Participants selected for this opportunity will receive a TryaBox valued at $20+, containing the following items: :

Cucina Antica Tomato Basil Sauce

Cucina Antica® Tomato Basil sauce is what Chef Neil calls the “new marinara." Its simple yet light flavor makes it the new kid on the block. Unlike most marinara sauces, our Tomato Basil has no garlic, only onions. Make a simple sautéed zucchini with a ladle of the Tomato Basil and toss over your favorite pasta or chicken dish. This is the best sauce for vegetables, chicken, veal or eggplant parmigiana. If you are not a fan of garlic, use this sauce for making lasagna.

Taste Republic Gluten-Free Pastas

All of Taste Republic's certified gluten-free pastas are non-GMO and produced in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility located in Madison, WI. They are made fresh and kept in the refrigerated section. Each utilizes three main ingredients: brown rice flour, starch and eggs to mimic the taste and texture of traditional pastas.

Varieties: Linguini, Fettucine, Fusilli, Spinach Fettuccine, Lasagna Sheets & Four Cheese Tortellini

Taste Republic Grain-Free Pastas All of Taste Republic’s grain-free pastas are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. The Red Lentil and Chickpea pastas contain 10 grams of protein, are Kosher and Certified USDA Organic. The NEXTY award finalist Cauliflower Linguini is Certified Paleo and has 2.5 servings of vegetables in each serving!

Varieties: Cauliflower Linguini, Red Lentil Fusilli & Chickpea Linguini

Chef Neil Fusco grew up on a small farm in southern Italy, where hard work was just a part of everyday life. Every morning, he and his family rose with the sun and followed his mother on the mile-long trek to the tomato fields. There, it was their job to pull out the weeds between the rows of tomato plants. If his food wasn’t harvested from his family farm in southern Italy, it came from neighbors, friends, or local markets, which only grew his appreciation for nature and of Italy.

Neil's goal has been to offer a quality product that families can feel good about sharing while building bonds around the kitchen table, the same way harvesting tomatoes built a bond between his own family.

We value our craft and only use the most premium, healthy ingredients to bring homemade, authentic Italian flavor to your home. The Cucina Antica® line features award-winning pasta sauces and ketchup made with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes with no preservatives and no sugar, water, or tomato paste added! Our products are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegetarian, and Whole30® Approved.

Learn more about Cucina Antica HERE .

While touring Europe as a stage carpenter for dance companies, Taste Republic’s co-founder and Chief Formulator Peter Robertson fell in love with the food and culture of Italy. He began studying the traditional fresh pasta that was a staple of the Italian food he loved and ultimately, began making authentic fresh pasta on his own using the same care and technique he learned from experts there.

After his travels, Robertson moved to Madison, Wisconsin, and opened RP's Pasta Company in 1995. In 2008, Robertson created a first-of-its-kind, fresh, gluten free pasta for a friend who was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was a huge hit. In fact, that pasta recipe changed the landscape of the entire gluten free pasta world - so much so that Robertson decided to dedicate an entire brand to his gluten free line. He called it Taste Republic, and built it on the belief that eating gluten free should offer the same rich food experience he had while abroad.

Taste Republic Beliefs

  • We are responsible for creating a global culture shift to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy through our B Corporation Certification
  • Good food is integral to living a great life
  • Everyone deserves good food, regardless of allergies or lifestyle
  • Good food starts with clean, quality ingredients

Learn more about Taste Republic HERE .

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Tryazon will select up to 100 participants for this Traybox Opportunity.

Italian Indulgence at Home TryaBox

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Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and wholesome, premium ingredients for an Italian Indulgence in your own home!