Gluten Free Goodness TryaBox

Gluten Free Goodness TryaBox
― April 25-29, 2022 ―

Walmart is now home to the gluten-free pastas you love! Don't compromise on taste or texture with Taste Republic- quality, gluten free pasta everyone can love.

Taste Republic is on a mission to revolutionize gluten-free food. It’s time for delicious, wholesome ingredients which led to the creation of numerous gluten-free and grain-free pastas that continue to set the standard for what’s possible. It’s time for thinking unconventionally. It’s time to have your gluten-free pasta and eat it 'al dente' too. Join the movement and exercise your right to ENJOY eating gluten-free!

Tryazon will select 100 participants from MT, TX, CO, WY, ID, UT, AZ, NM, NV, CA, OR and WA for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a TryaBox with a coupon for a FREE Taste Republic gluten free pasta product to sample, enjoy and review! Learn more about the products by clicking the tabs below!

Participants selected for this opportunity will receive a TryaBox valued at $20+, containing the following items: :

Taste Republic Gluten-Free Pastas

All of Taste Republic's certified gluten-free pastas are produced in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility located in Madison, WI. They are made fresh and kept in the refrigerated section. Each utilizes three main ingredients: brown rice flour, starch and eggs to mimic the taste and texture of traditional pastas.

Varieties: Four Cheese Tortelloni, Spinach & Cheese Ravioli, Fettucine, Linguini, Fusilli, Spinach Fettuccine, Lasagna Sheets, Four Cheese Raviolini, Spinach & Cheese Tortelloni, and Plant-Based Sausage Ravioli

Taste Republic Grain-Free Pastas

All of Taste Republic’s grain-free pastas are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. The Red Lentil and Chickpea pastas contain 10 grams of protein, are Kosher and Certified USDA Organic. The NEXTY award finalist Cauliflower Linguini is Certified Paleo and has 2.5 servings of vegetables in each serving!

Varieties: Cauliflower Linguini, Red Lentil Fusilli & Chickpea Linguini

Taste Republic Vegan + Gluten Free Pasta

Taste Republic’s vegan pasta is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Our Plant-Based Cheese Ravioli is filled with creamy, plant-based cheese and cooks in only 1-2 minutes. Each serving contains 5g of plant-base protein. The best part is that it tastes like traditional pasta so much so it won the coveted NEXTY award after being judged by a panel of experts! Learn more about the NEXTY awards here.

Taste Republic was born from a passion to help. In 2008, wanting to solve the longstanding – and previously unsolved – challenge to make a gluten-free, fresh pasta that had the same amazing taste and texture as its regular counterpart, one of Taste Republic’s cofounders (our resident creative genius) nailed the recipe. His inspiration and motivation? A friend diagnosed with celiac disease who could no longer eat traditional pasta. On the heels of the invention (to us, this is like Wright brothers level stuff), Taste Republic’s five founders focused on blending purpose, passion and pasta to create what’s become one of the most popular gluten-free brands. That drive led to the creation of numerous gluten-free and grain-free pastas that continue to set the standard for what’s possible.

Today, our goal hasn’t changed. Sure, we’re adding more pastas and continuing to push the limits, but we’ll never sway from our core believe that food is more than sustenance. Food is an experience. And everyone deserves access to great pasta. No. Matter. What. We’re looking for new ways to create equity, to ensure no one feels singled out or left out because of dietary restrictions they can’t control. It began with gluten-free pasta, and we’ll never lose sight of that. But, we’re on a mission to do more. As a certified B Corporation, we’ve taken intentional steps to improve the world. Whether that’s helping build a more sustainable and inclusive economy or finding ways to help the gluten-free community, we’re in it for the long haul.

Learn more about Taste Republic HERE .

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The application period has now ended. Please check out our other Party Opportunities.

  • Apr 3Applications Due
    All TryaBox applications need to be received by this date.
  • Apr 5TryaBox Participants Selected
    Applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those TryaBox participants who are accepted and confirmed will have their TryaBox sample packs shipped to them.
  • Apr 25TryaBox Sampling
    TryaBox sampling begins at the beginning of April!


Tryazon will select up to 100 participants for this Traybox Opportunity.

Gluten Free Goodness TryaBox

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