Gandola Goods Gratitude Journal Giveaway

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Gandola Goods Gratitude Journal Giveaway!

Life is full of miracles. Gifted micro-moments of happiness and joy. The trick is learning to see them. Our hand-crafted gratitude journals were designed to help you do just that - to discover and unlock the power of the magical moments that make up each day.

Gandola Goods Gratitude Journals...

  • Are fun and interactive. We’ve gone beyond the typical dated-and-lined gratitude journal and have created one full of unique prompts, activities, and challenges. You’ll love using your journal and you’ll find yourself expressing gratitude for things you’ve never thought of before!
  • Are for everyone. We have a journal for adults/young adults, one for teens, and one for kids. We also have special student and teacher editions as well as a *brand new* journal for families. Whether you’re a happy-go-lucky child, an emotional teenager, or a stressed parent or teacher, our journals were made for you. Gratitude is for everyone!
  • Are simple yet meaningful. We understand life is busy and our journals were created with that in mind. All of our prompts are meaningful AND most can be completed in 5 minutes or less.
  • Are stress-free. You get to choose which prompt you want to do each day and if you need to take a day off, that’s totally fine. The important thing is that you do what works for YOU.
  • BONUS: We also have Emotions Journals! These were designed for kids and are great for adults too. They are full of activities, some that help you recognize and express your emotions, others that redirect your attention in a fun and positive way.
Giveaway packages includes one of four prize packs:
1. One-For-Everyone Pack [$42 Value]:
90-Day Gratitude Journal for Adults, 60-Day Gratitude Journal for Teens, & 60-Day Gratitude Journal for Kids

2. Family-Fun Pack [$35 Value]:
60-Day Gratitude Journal for Families, pack of colored pencils, roll of clear tape, pair of scissors, glue stick, & tote bag + BONUS: 1-Month Family Service Journal!

3. Back-To-School Pack [$28 Value]:
60-Day Gratitude Journal for Teachers, 60-Day Gratitude Journal for Students

4. Fun-With-Feelings Pack [$26 Value]:
3 Feelings Journals (Designed for kids AND the young at heart!)