EQtainment – The Q Wunder Movement Party

Sep. 26-30, 2016 - EQtainment - The Q Wunder Movement Party

Parents, did you know that social and emotional skills, not academics, have been found to be a better indicator of a child’s future success in their career, relationships, health, and happiness? If not, it’s time to join a movement!

Thanks to Sofia Dickens, a Harvard alumna, mother of 3, and Founder of EQtainment, helping your child learn self control, problem solving, manners, empathy, resilience, leadership and social skills has never been more simple and fun. Through a specially developed app, kids show, games, story books, and more, you can help them on their way to school readiness and the development of these crucial like skills. Your house party guests will be the first to preview/download the new Q Wunder app and kids show, featuring celebrity guests and the animated monkey "Q".

Tryazon will choose 3,000 hosts for this party opportunity! Those picked will have the opportunity to receive a party pack with samples to showcase to friends and family in September. Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below.
Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack valued at $80+, containing the following items:

Party Pack Products

Q's Race to the Top Boardgame
In the game “Q’s Race to the Top,” children can help Q race to the top of his tree house by answering questions and performing fun actions. The questions are designed to promote feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking, balance, and coordination.

Q's Race on the Go Pack
Because sometimes life doesn't include time to sit down and play, this to-go pack offers 90 question and action cards in a convenient carrying case. Perfect for road trips or waiting for dinner at a restaurant!

Q-time Buddy
This lovable plush Q becomes a furry friend that helps develop focus and attention span with a simple breathing exercise. The perfect cuddle buddy for the daily quiet time your little one needs to slow down breath and control emotions. Perfect for the classroom, car rides, and at home.

Q's Wild Ride Read-Along Storybook & CD
Join Q on his wild hovercraft ride as he races to get to the ballpark on time for the game, learning important lessons along the way! This storybook/CD combo is great way for kids to practice their reading and listening skills as the first of Q's many adventures comes to life in the car, classroom, or home.

Q's Coloring Book
Kids will help Q navigate important social scenarios through visual identification as they color in his wild adventures.

For more information about EQtainment please visit: http://www.eqtainment.com/

Why Social and Emotional Skills?

A growing body of research suggests that improved social and emotional skills in children leads to readiness for school and may likely to lead to life success- career, relationships, health and happiness.

Kindergarten teachers in the U.S. report more than 30% of children entering the classrooms are socially and emotionally unprepared. But how much can you actually improve these important life skills?

Nearly 3,000 scientific reports have concluded that while emotional intelligence is heavily influenced by early childhood experiences, it can be improved with practice, guidance, and coaching. The state of Illinois made headlines for mandating social-emotional learning standards, ultimately leading to a 11 percentile-point gain in academic achievement amongst students.

About EQtainment

EQtainment is on a mission to improve the world's social and emotional skills through entertainment. All of EQtainment products, games, music, and programming are fun tools that help develop feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking and even balance and coordination. EQtainment has also developed one of the first measurement tools to help parents identify and improve social and emotional skills in their children with customized content delivered through our Q Wunder App.

Sofia Dickens, “Mompreneur”, is the founder of EQtainment. Her mission is to make learning social and emotional skills fun and affordable for all children. Sofia first became interested in the impact of emotional intelligence as a student at Harvard and embarked on a career in educational media as a video correspondent for the Emmy Award winning quiz show, Jeopardy!. Sofia anchored Channel One News, seen by eight million teens daily in homerooms across America, and reported live from the red carpet as a correspondent of Hollywood Heat on Tru TV.

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Number of Host Spots

Tryazon will select up to 3,000 hosts for this party.

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This is a game you will gladly play with the kids. Thank you for filling an important part of child development in a fun way. Teaches children some of what they need to know to behave socially. Next I'll buy it for all of my niece's kids
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Cathe C.
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