Crayola Crafting Party

Crayola Crafting Party
― February 3-7, 2020 ―

Crayola is going to help get you ready for National Craft Month in March with two different party options: Crayola Signature Craft Kits and Crayola CIY: Create it Yourself!

The Signature Party is perfect for adults and teens ages 15 and up who are ready to take their creativity to the next level with professional-style art tools & craft kits! From colored pencils and markers to hand lettering pads and DIY art kits, the full lineup contains tools and tutorials to inspire unique designs and enhance your artwork. Gather your friends and enjoy “Craft & Sip” right in your own home!

The Crayola CIY: Create it Yourself Crafting Party is perfect for parents and children who want to craft together. This party will have supplies for multiple projects and craft ideas so you can pick the ones that best fit your group! No matter your age, we have a craft for you!

Tryazon will select 100 hosts for this opportunity. Those chosen will receive a party pack with various Crayola products to showcase and sample with friends and family! Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below!

Hosts selected for this party will choose from three different party packs valued between $58-160+, containing the following items: :

Crayola CIY: Create it Yourself Party Pack- Parent & Child (Value: $58+)

Crayola Signature Party Pack- Adults & Teens (Choose one of two options)

Canvas and Trinket Bowl Kit (Value: $160+)

Planter and Wreath Kit (Value: $135+)

Whether it's providing tools to put a purple octopus on the moon, or enabling teachers to bring arts-infused learning into the classroom, Crayola is passionate about helping parents and educators raise creatively alive children who we believe will grow to be inspired, original adults.

Our company has inspired artistic creativity in children for more than 100 years - since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line in 1903. The company began when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over Edwin's father's pigment business in 1885. Early products included red oxide pigment used as barn paint and carbon black used in car tires.

After noticing a need for safe, high quality, affordable wax crayons, in 1903, Crayola produced the first box of eight crayons and sold them for 5 cents.

Since then, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream.

Learn more about Crayola HERE .

Crayola Signature Party (Adults and Teens 15+)
Take your creativity to the next level with Crayola Signature—professional-style art tools & craft kits for adults. From colored pencils and markers to hand lettering pads and DIY art kits, the full lineup contains tools and tutorials to inspire unique designs and enhance your artwork. Gather your friends and enjoy “Craft & Sip” right in your own home! Each party host will receive 10 craft kits to share with their guests that include everything needed to make a glamorous craft! Crayola Signature crafts kits are available in a variety of kits on, visit to learn more.
  • 25 Parties: Wreath & Planter Craft
  • Includes: 5 Crayola Signature Hanging Planter Kits and 5 Crayola Signature Asymmetrical Wreath kits

  • 25 Parties: Canvas Art and Trinket Bowl
  • Includes: 5 Crayola Signature Paint-Pour Canvas Art kits and 5 Crayola Signature Trinket Bowl kits.

    Crayola CIY: Create it Yourself Parties (Children & Parent)

    Whether it’s a rainy day, holiday, or Saturday the time is right to break out Crayola products and get crafting, and has tons of ideas for every skill level! Each party host will receive a Crayola party pack that includes enough supplies for your party guests to craft and create their own unique project! Be inspired by the ideas included below, or search our DIY inspiration gallery to find a project that sparks creativity! Use the supplies we give you, plus a few of your own—the possibilities are endless! We would prefer that the activities vary, ie not everyone does the same craft—offer your guests options. However, we encourage a few of your guests to do the paint pour activity, as it is beautiful, but fair warning: it takes a long time to dry! We suggest you provide your guests a shallow metal pan to do the pour in, to not only contain the mess, but also allow them to easily bring the project home. Some additional supplies you may need: plastic table cloths to protect your surfaces, shallow metal pans (dollar store sells a 3 pack—these are a must if doing the paint pour activity), small plastic cups, small styrafoam plates (for the foam paint transfer), sponges (for the foam paint transfer), toilet paper tubes, paper towels, wipes, paper sandwich bags (for the paper bag stars), painters tape, straws, other surfaces to paint and create on.

    • 50 Crayola CIY: Create it Yourself Crafting Parties
    Includes: Canvas Painting Kids Party Kit (Includes 10 canvases, 2 8-packs Paint Brush Sets, 10 Neon Washable Paints & 10 Classic Washable Paints), 16 ct Glitter Glue, 64 ct Crayons, 10 ct Broad Line Markers, Blunt Tip Scissors, Construction Paper, 8ct Permanent Markers & Glue Sticks

    8 Project Options/Ideas!

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  • Jan 13 Hosts Selected
    Applicants will receive notification by email by this date. Those party hosts who are accepted and confirmed will have their party packs shipped to them.
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Tryazon will select up to 100 hosts for this party.

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My granddaughter and I used this kit to make wonderful art... We each put our own spin on the techniques shown in the instructions. I ordered more sets. I am giving them as gifts to other children and adults.