Brainstream – A Singing Breakfast Party

Nov 9-14, 2015 - Brainstream - A Singing Breakfast Party

Tired of your old, boring breakfast routine? Need a new wake-up call? No need to fear because Brainstream is here with an innovative device that will give you and your friends something to talk about.

Made in Germany, the BeepEgg is brand-new to the US and is the perfect fun and functional gift for this holiday season. Simply drop the device into your pot of boiling eggs and it will play different tunes to you when you reach a soft, medium, and hard boil. You will get a good laugh and your eggs will turn out perfect. In addition, we are including authentic Ines Rosales Olive Oil Tortas from Spain to make sure there is plenty of great food to go around!

Tryazon will choose 200 hosts for this party opportunity. Those picked will have the opportunity to receive a party pack with samples to showcase to friends and family in November. Learn more about the products and party by clicking the tabs below.
Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack containing the following items:

The BeepEgg- looks like an egg, feels like an egg, boils like an egg, but unlike an egg it sings.

BeepEgg is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with real eggs. The BeepEgg and real eggs have to enter water at the same time. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, BeepEgg will play a tune.

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Ines Rosales is a company that originates from Seville, Spain and is the manufacturer of famous original Spanish-tortas. These tortas are flat circular scone-like biscuits, about 5" in diameter, that are made with natural ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, spices and superior quality extra virgin olive oil. It’s a perfect mix of salty and sweet following the exact same recipes as it's founder, Doña Inés Rosales Cabello, came up with back in 1910.

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Tryazon will select up to 200 hosts for this party.

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That's how I LOVE my eggs! Even my cat is fascinated by this timer. The perfect egg, and I get to enjoy a little music getting there!!!
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